Are the five Illdisposed lads really gay??? And was 2006 the year they finally came out of the closet???
Read on and you'll find the shocking truth about the gayest band around!

The following is part of an email sent to our tourmanager by the manager of a band we shared the stage with lately. Names are censored to maintain the guy's anonymity. Have a good laugh & stay gay...

Yours truly
Gaykob Batten

Here we go:

..... It's not so much what your guys said, it's how they said it...and by it i mean EVERYTHING. At the club, when you and i were talking on the couch, you told me that you have known these guys, "from the ground on up," and that they are really humble guys, and that they are only now wanting to call the shots. Well, it's that humility that they should work on, because they had me fooled. Pretty much from the get go, they just had an air about them, very pompous, cocky, stuck-up, like they were these huge rockstars -and that may be the case- but when you are playing a show with a bunch of other bands, it's not a good idea to act like you are better than everybody else, because then NOBODY likes you. The [bandname] boys are still working their way up, but i know they will never take on an elitist attitude because it's a never ending struggle. The second you proclaim, "i have arrived at the top, here's my demands!!" then you're already on you're way back down... You have to remain humble throughout, people like you more for that too.
Illdispossed's whole attitude was like they were too good to be playing there. I know that trashing hotel rooms is part of the game, but it's the disrepect that shines through, not the 'rock star lifestyle'. Take a look a the [country] band [bandname]... They broke a picture frame in their room, just getting crazy like metal bands do. BUT, they went out the next day and found a hardware store, bought a new pane of glass, and fixed it, problem solved... No disrespect. Your guys trashed the room, and then tried to blame it on other people... Full of disrespect. If that is what they want to be known as, a bunch of stuck-up rockstars, then fine, let them do it. But they are gonna piss people off till there's nobody left that will want to deal with them, and then where will they be? People want to deal with other people, that are easy to deal with. So, even if these guys are packing a stadium on their own, it would benefit them to be more humble and easier to deal with. You can count of the fact that they will not be playing [country] again any time soon (not that they would want to, I'm sure they are just as mad at [name] as he is at them). The main thing is this... if they are rally humble like you said, then why didn't they try to apologize and fix everything??? The drummer was the only one who apologized at all... for anything! And i don't think he was to blame for any of it, he was just the only one who had the peace of mind to realize that his bandmates were in the wrong. They may be huge in Europe, but i guarantee that they lost a lot of fans in [country], and after playing all the shows we played, i saw, there is a big metal scene in that country for sure. Now, on another note... i'm sure you know they're gay, and if you didn't... they're gay. I don't know how many of them, but at least three of them were making out in front of everyone that last night at the hotel. Being gay doesn't bother me, i have plenty of gay friends, but you might want to warn them to never make out with eachother again in front of fans and members of other bands... It's not a very "metal" thing to do to be making out with your guitarist after a show. That may have been the worst thing they did all week. I don't know if it's cool in Denmark for a band full of big metal head guys to be gay and making out with each other, but in the rest of the world, that's a very bad thing. If they are gay, then they need to be XTRA cool so that people in the metal scene don't hate them just on the fact they're gay. But making out in front of fans and strangers and band members from other bands???!!! That's the dumbest shit i've ever heard of! If those guys are so concerned about the image (rockstar lifestyle etc.), then they really need to sit down and think about the picture they just painted for everyone when they decided it was ok to make out with each other on the couch in front of strangers, cause their street credit is all but gone.... After that, the jokes were flying from all around about the 'fag band from Denmark'... Not exactly something you want people saying about your band, especially when they are trying to portray an image of "metal" and "hard core." Like i said, i don't know if this was news to you, but everybody who saw it and was there is definitley talking about it, and not in a good way. I think the fact that the whole time they were in the country they were way too trashed to function, and they were ass-holes, and they trashed their room, is all one thing... But to add to that the fact that they are a bunch of fags (pardon my cursing)....!! It's just not a good scene. The only time one of them was civil to me was when i was talking to you, and he was very polite... because I was talking to you. I don't mean to ramble on, but you asked, and i don't think you knew a lot of what went on, so i thought i'd clear it up for you. Them being gay has nothing to do with people being mad at them, it's just another strike against them in the metal scene, and they should know that, and they should be more careful.